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                                              THE STORY OF SOUL

I am constantly fighting myself. My habits, my pride, my evils; they seem  to always get the best of me. If I feel something & realize it's wrong, when is the appropriate time to cut it off? Right away, correct? Shut it out!  I want to feel him leaving. Why, when I look behind me, there is always a shadow, a past that I can't wait to leave behind. The Wicked Man; I will not miss him. The thoughts I need to shake. The widow's windows he peeks into. The bride acts like her husband has died but she has just forgotten HIM. The hollow praises & pats on the back that fuels my downward spiral. What will wake me up? What will wake you up? The eyes in the window? The dark figure over your shoulder? The voice that knows your name but doesn't know you at all? Melody & passion are my way of doing this.  My way of learning & moving on from that which is killing my spirit. 

   Soul is that story.


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