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“I honestly feel that we are part of a movement that is bringing back the authenticity to the music industry. We’re not the first to do it and we aren’t going to be the last, but I do believe there is a movement. We want to be part of it. Music can live forever and with every note sung and recorded, part of us will live on.”

                                                                              -Josh Clifton (Lead singer of Ravenhill )


Ravenhill is an up and coming band that is turning heads in the music industry. Their new record “SOUL" (Released on 3/24/15 through Slospeak Records) was featured on the Pandora Premieres station the week prior to its release; charting thousands of new listeners. In the past year, Ravenhill has gotten the attention of and worked with Disney, American Airlines, EA GAMES, Activision, and more. But long before any attention from the music industry Ravenhill was hard at work honing a live show that is like no other rock band. Bottom line: They will move ya!


The band, having been called “throwback” and “70s style” during their live shows, decided to capture that energy and experience to the best of their ability. They recorded on two-inch tape. Mitch Dane from Sputnik Studio suggested the idea and went right to work on making it happen.  “When we got in the studio and he pressed that red button, we felt like we had something to prove, the same way we feel when we get up onstage,” Josh recalls. “Recording like that reminded me that we're not perfect on stage, and we're not perfect in the studio, so I wanted to show people the beauty in the imperfections. We live in a day and age that everything is auto tuned or programmed and I think it kills us as individuals. I just wanted to be as authentic as possible.”


Together, Ravenhill’s authenticity, energizing live show and trademark "rock and soul" vocals, make for an exciting addition to the Slospeak Records family, and a band you won’t want to miss when they arrive in your town.

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